CYSENSE | CYPOINT Information Technologies


CYSENSE is designed to be used in such areas as system control rooms, network rooms, data centers, cold storage rooms, where values like temperature, humidity, smoke, leakage, air quality, and door lock can be checked through various sensors.


CYSENSE sensors with ideal dimensions communicate with IP addresses over computer networks and can be powered by Poe Switch Port or an external power supply.

You can see all the information collected by all CYSENSE Devices connected to the system as well as all instant and historical data in our user-friendly interface. The Linux server on which this interface will be installed can run on standard physical and virtual servers.

You can make various configurations, receive reports, generate alarms, and authorize your personnel at different levels of responsibility within the CYSENSE software running on the hardware that we developed especially for this purpose.

CYSENSE Graphic User Interface

A certain number of sensors in total can be added to CYSENSE, such as temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage, air quality, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and door sensors.