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CYNETCONFIG, Network Devices Setup Management Software, is of critical importance for organizations to manage their configuration logs and access such logs securely and quickly when needed.

CYNETCONFIG Software is a comprehensive and useful software product that can be installed on physical or virtual servers that do not require high resources.

Thanks to CYNETCONFIG, we allow for management of the configuration backups of network devices through a central structure and facilitate the actions of system administrators.

Organizations use various software products to back up and configure the devices within network and security systems.

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However, most of these solutions do not support the basic devices that constitute the network, such as firewall, router, switch, and load balancer, at the same time. This situation causes the need for a different administration panel for each device and process management that is far from integrity.

Today, it is critical for organizations to manage their setup logs and to access these logs safely and quickly when needed. Otherwise, business processes can be interrupted due to network outages and compliance errors, which can result in financial loss and loss of prestige for companies.

The product that meets this need independently from the brand and centrally is CYNETCONFIG.

With its advanced operation timer, you can automatically back up the configuration and backup logs of your network devices on a monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis.

In case it is needed, you can easily restore your setup logs of the products of the following brands to your devices with a single click.

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