The Message of the President | CYPOINT Information Technologies

The Message of the President

Chairman Sadık YAMAÇ

Chairman Of The Board

Growth in Information Technologies

Information technologies, developing at a dizzying pace, form the basis of Industry 5.0 developments. Upon the transformation of technological development from mechanical production to automation, the speed and indispensability of evolution in information systems has caused world trade to reshape.

Today, among the top 10 companies around the world, 7 of them are the ones operating in information technologies.

The pandemic caused by the Coronavirus in 2020 has paved the way for major transformations in all spheres of our lives, including business, education, trade, tourism, and entertainment. Among the most natural consequences of these transformations is the need for remote working along with new automation systems and software and communication technologies that will meet this need.

“Defense Industry” and “Information Technologies”

"Defense Industry" and "Information Technologies", pioneers of technological developments in any field with their major shares on the global scale, dominate the commercial and economic development of countries and play a key role for national independence in technology.

“Integrated Solutions” & “Ecosystem”

Today's rapidly changing and developing technologies require systems based on different disciplines to be brought together. In the world of informatics, it has become an indispensable need to produce and develop integrated solutions.

Creating integrated solutions is possible with advanced and diversified technology and intellectual infrastructure aiming at an efficient and sustainable "Ecosystem".

Who Are We?

We gather our experiences in a shared pool by collaborating with people who are from the public and private sector and have more than 30 years of experience in the Defense Industry and Information Technologies.

In our country, great efforts are made to develop and produce domestic and national systems, and significant resources are allocated for this purpose.

Thus, we decided to join forces in information technologies to offer domestic and national solutions that will contribute to our country’s independence.

Our Transparency and Ethical Rules

With our team acting by the principle of honest and principled cooperation, we try to create a sustainable ecosystem together with all the shareholders within the sector.