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Data Center Installation

Organizations need robust, open-to-growth, reliable, and next-generation data centers to position their developing information technology infrastructures. Critical systems such as data centers should be built by companies that have immense experience in this field and competent personnel. CYPOINT consists of people who have these characteristics and built data centers across various points of the country.

Under its roof, CYPOINT has competent and trained/certified personnel working in Information Technologies for a long time. By taking advantage of CYPOINT's expertise with regard to data centers, you can ensure that your information technology infrastructure works for a long time without interruption.

Our professional team can perform on-site checks and provide support throughout the process for all items of a data center like the one below that can take your IT infrastructure on for 10-15 years according to your goals.

datacenter installation

By choosing CYPOINT, you can have a next-generation data center with low investment and low risk while meeting your needs thanks to our expert staff.

Data Center construction includes not only Civil & Mechanical Works but also such matters as Fiber Infrastructure, Biometric/Card Access System, CCTV, Energy and Efficiency Tracking Automation, Switch Infrastructure, and Full Redundancy. You will have the option not to transfer your old systems once we bring your CYPOINT data center to the plug-and-play stage.

data center management

After your data center is completed, maintenance plans are devised, and training sessions on its operation are planned.

In case of any unexpected malfunction, our teams will quickly arrive at the field.

You can choose CYPOINT for a data center that is built as per your approvals obtained in cycle meetings throughout the process and completed with clean and solid workmanship.

Our employees have Accredited Tier Designer and Accredited Operations Specialist certificates for Data Center Construction and Management from Uptime Institute.

employee data center certification