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In the simplest sense, CYLOG SCREEN RECORDER can be compared to a security camera built into each computer/server. It records every activity made on your computers and servers in video format. It lets you monitor these activities in real-time or retrospectively.

cylog screen recorder gui


· It allows for fast response to the related authorities in case of criminal cases,
· It helps you meet the requirements of security policies and regulations,
· It lets you build a corporate memory for personnel training,
· It allows for proactive intervention to events,
· It contributes to the protection of your corporate information.

cylog screen recorder record viewer

cylog screen recorder anahtar word notification


· Visually recording the local and remote connection sessions of the systems including critical information,
· Logging the users that can access critical information regardless of the machine they use to log in,
· Creating warnings for critical words or phrases that are predefined (email, Republic of Turkey Identity Number, etc.),
· Ability to search for the sessions where critical words are used,
· Ability to pinpoint the moment where the critical word within a single session,
· Ability to play sessions up to 32 times faster.