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One of the biggest problems of businesses is that they do not know how efficiently the software licenses they provide are used for the continuity of their business. Since businesses cannot measure which software is used how much and by how many people, they have to pay considerable fees for the licenses in question.

CYLOG APP TRACKER is designed in response to three basic questions:

1) “Active” application usage metrics,
2) Internet usage without the use of a corporate firewall,
3) Efficiency.

Active Application Usage Metrics

Many applications like Microsoft Office, VMWare, Petrel, AutoCAD, Adobe, etc. are requested by users, and hence, companies pay considerable amounts for licenses. But are these applications used efficiently for real? AppTracker allows you to obtain the necessary logs so that you can easily answer this question.

Detailed Usage: CYLOG APP TRACKER measures how much a particular application is actively used. It does not consider an application minimized to the taskbar as actively used. Thus, it helps you see the actual usage time.

Usage Summary: When a user locks or logs out of their computer, summary records are created for the applications used so far. This information allows you to generate reports on the efficiency of the person and at the same time, which application is needed to what degree.

cylog app tracker gui

cylog app tracker interface

Internet visits without using a corporate firewall

The ease of use of mobile phones and wireless networks allows some users to visit the sites they want without using the firewall and not be affected by the restrictions. Once you turn your mobile phone into a USB, Bluetooth, or wireless access point, your activities cannot be logged.

CYLOG APP TRACKER addresses these scenarios and logs the connections made.

cylog app tracker graphic user interface


On top of application usage metrics, CYLOG APP TRACKER measures the time during which users are not using their computers as well. By combining these two sets of data, it makes it easier for you to measure the productivity of your employees.