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CYDEFENDER actively scans all modified files within user accounts in the background regardless of how they are installed. Active scanning of files helps prevent an account from being exploited by malware by deleting or quarantining suspicious files before they activate. It can also prevent the upload of scripts, which are used to launch malicious attacks and send spam, from PHP, Perl, and many other extensions.

CYDEFENDER allows for the optional scan of files, indices, and user accounts as well. It lets you find malicious files that are already uploaded and can cause abuse. You can perform scalable scans for performance.

The scan includes the following:

· File name matching,

· Suspicious file names,

· Suspicious file types,

· Binary executable files,

· CYDEFENDER allows for comprehensive and continuous scanning of all user information in the background and instantly notices when any user file is changed,

· It performs daily checks to identify new risks,

· It scans scripts and generates an anomaly and risk score that refers to the probability of content exploit thereby,

· It monitors files and indices when there is any change. It sends instant SMS and email notifications in case of change,

· It minimizes server risks by scanning thousands of web shells and malicious exploits.

You can see CYDEFENDER's administration interface on the images below.

cydefender interface 1
cydefender interface 2
cydefender interface 3
cydefender interface 4